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Illustration can interpret text, a concept or process through a visual form and be integrated into print and digital mediums. There are many types of illustration including technical, concept, narrative, information and many more. It is also used as a decoration to enhance graphically designed work. Illustrations are tailored to your specific requirements in a number of different styles, and will always catch the eye of your audience. I always illustrate digitally so the final piece can be used in a number of ways, and edited if required.

Low Poly Portraits

These portraits were developed as a concept for seeking help, showing the individuals putting the pieces of their life back together. Sadly they weren't used, but I like to include them as a demonstration of a different type of vector-based illustration.

In order to achieve this look, the tones of a photograph are broken down into triangles (no other shape is used). This is carefully done so the form of the subject is not lost.

Once each triangle has been drawn they are coloured with an approximation of the tone from the area of the photo it represents, again making sure the form is kept and the whole image works.

It can be quite a labour intensive process, but the results are striking and unique. Because it's done in a vector based program, the image can be scaled to any size.

low poly portrait sammie
low poly portrait alison
low poly portrait dee
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big a in the north sea with oil rig

Stormy Seas

The client used the 'A' from their logo quite prominently and wanted to illustrate their presence in the hostile offshore environment of the North Sea.

Sketches were developed to show concept and layout, and once agreed a rough layout was produced as proof of concept. Once this stage was finalised, work on the image could commence.

The image is made up from a number of different elements. The sky and ocean were 2 different images pieced together and colour matched. A 3D rendered 'A' was positioned over the background in the correct position, as were the helicopters which are also rendered in 3D. The oil rig and supply vessel were carefully chosen via an image search so they could seamlessly blend into the scene. Each element was colour corrected to match the scene (mostly from day to night), and the lights, waves, flames and flowing water were painted in by hand. The rainy effect was then added with spray on some elements, and droplets visible as if on a camera lens.

This image was used for press, digital and for display stand purposes.

Digital Portraits

The portraits on display here are private commissions and have all been created digitally.

When the 2 boys were asked who their favourite superheroes were, images were collated as reference material. In order to achieve the correct lighting, photo's were taken of the subjects under controlled conditions.

With all the reference material to hand, sketches were produced and scanned to be used as a base to paint over (including the 3rd painting, although not a superhero). Each painting took a number of hours, making sure the resemblance to each subject is correct.

olly as deadpool
sean as the red hood
portrait of sammie surprised
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christmas card design
exceed christmas card design
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Christmas Illustrations

Here's a couple of examples of illustrations created for 2 different clients Christmas communication.

Both wanted different approaches. The first wanted to show the message been broadcast around the world, so taking inspiration from the RKO identity, the 'A' of their logo was used as a tower, and the message been beamed out. The radio signal made up the shape of a Christmas tree and with a star on the top. This image was used digitally.

The second from Exceed was a more traditional approach. The snow globe contains a warming winter scene, looking into the light to signify a brighter road ahead. The snow globe base has been repainted to match their brand colour, and logo applied as a fixture. Special care was taken with this image to make sure the reflections in the glass remained believable. This image was also used digitally.