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Personalised portraits make an amazing gift

August 21, 2019
Neil Ruddiforth

Looking for a gift that’s a little bit different? Want it to be more personal for the recipient?

We’ve been using our vector skills to create stylised portraits that have a lot of impact and look great on canvas. We can do just a straight portrait or mix it up with the recipient’s choice of finish. Have a favourite movie character, musician or era? No worries,we can set the style for that.

We discuss everything from the outset and get the ideas going. Once we know what direction to take, we ask that you provide a high-resolution photo to work from, then the magic happens.The good thing about it being vector is it can be made any size, from postage stamp to the size of a house without the loss of quality (no blurry images here!)

Recently Rocket Five ran a competition on Facebook offering a portrait to one lucky winner. The name randomly pulled out of the digital hat was Kay Mutch, who was thrilled to win,and the timing couldn’t have been better. She asked for the portrait to be of her sister Gayle and her son as her sisters’ 40th birthday was coming up.

We had a chat about what her sister was into, and she asked for the image to be made in an 80s style, an excellent choice. Using the photo supplied as a base, 80s sunglasses were added, as were 80’s colour choices and even a Thomas the Tank Engine for her son's hat.

Once finished and been given the thumbs up (Kay's input made sure she got exactly what she wanted) the image was printed onto 50cm x 50cm canvas, ready to be given as a gift. We couldn’t have been more thrilled when Kay sent us photos of her sister with the canvas, and a fantastic message to say she loved it. It’s moments like those that really make your day!

So if you're looking for a gift that’s a little different, want to spoil yourself or are thinking this style will make a great addition to your business brand (they would look great on you're ‘about us’ web page) then please get in touch.