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printed material

Printed material puts your brand into the hands and minds of your customers. From business cards to folders, press advertising to leaflets, signage to documents, print can take many forms and leave a lasting impression. It's also not just about the content, but also the materials used and the printing finish that can really change the way your customers perceive you. Print is a powerful medium that can elevate your brand and resonate with your audience.

A4 Folder

The client required a solution to present documents and marketing materials to clients that could be tailored. The idea of using a folder was the perfect solution and could be left with the client so all the important contact details were to hand and it could also be used at events.

Ideas were sketched and refined, and the best approach was selected. As the 'A' was used prominently in the clients branding this was used to create the flap, and the angles of the 'A' were reflected on the cover using a spot UV to change the finish and make it more tactile.

The folder had enough room for a number of documents, included a business card holder and was held together with a magnetic clasp. The folder was printed in the clients Pantone colours for consistency.

a4 folder on desk
a4 folder layout
a4 folder sketches
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pettens grooming appointment card

Pettens Grooming Appointment Card

When Pettens Grooming started up the owner needed something to encourage repeat bookings of her dog grooming service. The card was also used to advertise on pinboards etc in the local area.

After grooming a clients dog, another appointment was offered and the date and time were written on the card. This card would be kept by the client, either on their person or at home, but always visible making sure that her logo was seen regularly.

The Big Swish Fundraising Posters

Swishing is a clothes swap event that raises money for charitable causes. The client was running an event in her home town and needed a series of posters to advertise the event.

Information was provided by the client which included title, times, instruction, location and contact details. It was discussed and a style was agreed upon with examples shown.

There were a number of posters created, all in the same style, making sure they were simple but bold and eye-catching while quickly getting the nature of the content across.

The posters were digitally printed at A3 and also used as part of the social media strategy.

the big swish fundraising poster orange
the big swish fundraising poster blue
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