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logo design

To distinguish your company and products from your competitors, you need a good logo. Through discussion and research, I get to know your company and its vision, who your competitors are and how you fit into space you reside. Every part of the journey is a collaborative experience from ideas to the final product. Here are a few examples of recent logos I have worked on.

Smoke and Soul

Smoke and Soul are a young and energetic catering company based in Aberdeen. I was asked to create a new logo for them, and after our initial meeting to discuss the events they had done previously and where they see themselves in the future I followed up with research including their suppliers and partners. Once I had all the info I needed I sketched some concepts which were discussed and finessed, and after approval, the final logo was produced. I also included mock-ups of how their logo would be used.

smoke and soul logo
smoke and soul packaging
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pettens grooming logo

Pettens Grooming

Pettens Grooming is a dog grooming service based in Aberdeen. The company was in its initial stages of startup when I was approached to create their logo.

To create the logo the company owners dog was photographed and used as the reference to produce the initial sketch. Once approved it was drawn digitally and applied to a number of medium including appointment cards and Facebook page.

john forsyth logo

John Forsyth MBE

John Forsyth MBE is a professional musician who is widely acclaimed as a fine instrumental teacher, choral and orchestral conductor. His central focus though is classical guitar.

I was asked to create a logo that reflects his love of guitar so he could use it on the sheet music he produces. A number of ideas were discussed and explored, settling on the final result you see here.

naturally logo


The client, Alison, asked me to produce a logo that would be used for her selection of aromatherapy oils and products. The brief was to reflect the natural aspect of the product and name in the design.

Both elements of the logo, the leaf and water droplet, both encompass this idea.

Oliver's Footprints

Oliver's Footprints was created to raise awareness and support research into preventing stillbirth and neonatal deaths.

The logo was developed closely with the client to respect the sensitive nature of the organisation and its fundraising efforts.

olivers footprints logo